V6 ACADEMIA Technical Application

PLM Discover

PLM Discover is a single integrated software package combining many capabilities: design software (CAD), market-leading manufacturing (CAM) and robot programming tools, easy-to-use structural analysis (CAE) and collaborative product data management (PDM) in a fully integrated package.

In V6, CATIA, DELMIA, SIMULIA and ENOVIA combined are as affordable as the most popular CATIA V5 educational package.

CATIA Design Master

CATIA Design Master combines all of the power that students need to unleash their creativity and design a vast array of parts from simple to complex.

  • The unique, spec-driven modeling approach for complex mechanical shapes ensures they can manipulate free form surfaces intuitively.
  • High-end rendering capabilities based on mental ray® produce photo-realistic product images and accelerate design validation.
  • Intuitive, no-coding creation of own applications empowers educators to automate numerous types of educational exercises.

With such a complete solution, students are guaranteed to create a broad spectrum of products from sheetmetal parts to piping and tubing systems.

CATIA Design Advance

The design solution for specific complex processes

CATIA Design Advance offers students a design solution for specific complex processes such as cast & forged parts, jigs and tooling, and 3D wire harness design, to name a few.

Students can define complex parts in record time while reducing repetitive operations and learning quickly. With a complete composites solution, they can learn to quickly and accurately design composites parts for a variety of industries. In addition, they can learn to design car bodies within an associative styling and engineering context.

CATIA Systems Master

With CATIA Systems Master, the RFLP approach (Requirements, Functional, Logical and Physical Design) upholds a full traceability during product development and product introduction. Different disciplines like mechanics, electronics or hydraulics can use the open Modelica modeling language in order to simulate the system or sub-systems. The availability of ready-to-use model libraries and the structure based on components, including 3D and their behavior, increases development speed and quality.

On the other hand, state logic behaviors can be described for controllers with code generation capabilities. V6 virtual execution platform enables to execute and analyze system models, mixing dynamic and state logic behaviors. Controlling the parameters and performing 3D motion of components early in the process reduces the need for physical prototype.

CATIA Systems Advance

CATIA Systems Advance adds a number of dedicated libraries to model and simulate complex multidisciplinary systems.

Dedicated libraries to model and simulate complex multidisciplinary systems:

  • Pneumatic Library
  • Vehicle Dynamics Library – Cars, Trucks, Suspensions
  • Vehicle Dynamics Library – Drivelines
  • Dynamics Library – Active Safety
  • Vehicle Dynamics Library – Parse

DELMIA Manufacturing Master

Hand-on shop floor experiences via a virtual environment

DELMIA Manufacturing Master delivers a powerful combination of solutions that will allow manufacturing technology and engineering students to gain “hand-on” shop floor experiences via a virtual environment.

Unconstrained by the physical limitations of their school, students can interact with a wide variety of NC machine tools, robotic workcells, and other mechanical devices to apply what they have learned and test their understanding.

DELMIA Manufacturing Advance

Complete solutions for Manufacturing Processes management

  • Process Planning capabilities for all manufacturing industries
  • Ability to assign defined processes and their associated parts to a manufacturing resource
  • Perform product assembly feasibility studies through simulation
  • Immersive environment that delivers easy-to-use and powerful features to detail and document any process


Realistic simulation is a driver of innovation

SIMULIA Master solutions provide an environment that allows users across the institution to perform realistic simulations and manage the data and processes that are intrinsic components of the simulations. Integrating simulation into education processes enhances the understanding of product design and manufacturing by providing critical insights on product performance and reducing the need for physical prototyping and testing.


ENOVIA Master collaborative project management capabilities dramatically increase the productivity of globally distributed users by executing projects and programs with real-time information that updates automatically through direct links to tasks, documents, deliverables, and other data sources. These automatic updates allow the project manager to focus on high value activities rather than tracking down status. Through project pipeline dashboards, ENOVIA Master provides management with real-time visibility into a project’s status in terms of schedule and resources.