ENOVIA Technical Application

The ENOVIA portfolio is organized around five main user profiles or roles. These roles represent logical product groupings based on business processes that the roles address. All products across the five roles are built with the same technology and can be deployed together as part of a single ENOVIA system or separately.

Governance Users

The Governance domain allows companies to launch enterprise-wide new product introductions on-time and on-budget.

Key offers include Requirements Management, Portfolio Configuration Management, Program Management, Decision Support Business Intelligence, and Compliancy.

Engineers/ Designers

Tools for designers, product engineers, manufacturing professionals and other innovators collaborating on product development.

Key offers include IP Work-In-Progress, IP Asset Release, and IP Classification and Re-Use.

Supply Chain Users

The Global Sourcing domain allows companies to leverage supply chain capabilities throughout the product life cycle and make their suppliers an integral part of product development.

Key offers include Supply Chain Network, Collaborative Sourcing, and Supplier Performance Monitoring.


ENOVIA solutions for all users to search and review data, to participate in approval processes and to collaborate with other users.

Key offers include Process Collaboration and 3D Collaboration.

IT/ Administrators

Discover solutions designed for those responsible for administering the ENOVIA server and refining its business rules and data to meet specific company processes.

Key offers include Administration Tools and Integration Tools.