DELMIA Technical Application

DELMIA allows manufacturers to virtually experience (define, plan create, monitor and control all processes) their entire factory production from the impact of design to determine how to meet the market demand.These simulation activities allow manufacturers to better address and shift processes so as to quickly respond to the competition or to take advantage of new market opportunities.

Assembly Simulation

DELMIA Assembly Simulation is designed to optimize both the product engineering and the assembly manufacturing processes. Users can define and simulate to review the entire process, allowing users to identify potential design issues that can be can be documented and communicated to the appropriate engineering teams. Users can also reuse their process data and lessons learned downstream for operation and maintenance task by creating assembly procedures for product assembly, disassembly and services access and reuse.

Ergonomic Analysis and Simulation

DELMIA Human solution provides ergonomic tools specifically geared towards understanding and simulating the worker tasks & operations. It delivers the capability to build 3D human models to simulate various human tasks, based on the processes required, and to optimize the human work space. Users can perform risk factor analysis to maximize human comfort, safety, and performance while evaluating all important elements of a human’s interactions with a workcell all of which improve worker efficiency and lower health-related costs.

Robotics Simulation

DELMIA Robotics enables robot programmers to simulate and validate robot tasks. Programmers are able to perform reachability studies, interlock analysis and offline robot teaching to deliver optimized robotics programs to the shop floor. Robot programmers can also create, simulate and validate robots in the context of all manufacturing environments. Robotics will enable workcells to be planned with accuracy to design and optimize with greater efficiency.

Process Planning

DELMIA Process Engineer provides, through methodically structured planning, early recognition of process risks, re-use of proven processes, traceable changes and decisions, and access to scattered process knowledge. Process Engineer is utilized from the conceptual product design phase, through the preplanning and detail planning stages up to the production phase as alternative design and manufacturing scenarios mature. The comprehensive treatment of the relationships between product, process and manufacturing resource data, including the plant layout, helps to avoid planning mistakes and obtain a precise overview, early in the process, of the required investment costs, production space and manpower

Factory Flow Simulation

DELMIA QUEST is a complete 3D digital factory environment for process flow simulation and analysis, accuracy, and profitability. It provides a single collaborative environment for industrial engineers, manufacturing engineers, and management to develop and prove out best manufacturing flow practices throughout the production design process.

Operational Intelligence

DELMIA OI, Process Rule Discovery enables decision making based on facts and lessons found in data, rather than on opinion or complex models. Its patented algorithms extract, optimize and allow editing of rules that are easy to understand and communicate. In manufacturing production for example, when changing circumstances affect product already in production, process rule discovery lets user find the root cause of defective product.