CATIA Technical Application

CATIA is not just design tool, it brings the best products to life by optimizing processes throughout the whole organization. It promotes visibility for every process by integrating involvement from different engineers into a single platform. Major automotive and aerospace players are using CATIA as part of their design process. Join them now.

Layout Engineer

  • CATIA PLM Express, 2D/3D technologies are flawlessly integrated for easy and rapid iterations in order to achieve the conceptual phase of the product and concurrently activate detailed design.
  • Generate templates to capture optimized design methodologies, reuse in a fully interactive approach, providing dramatic productivity gains and agility to design changes.

Equipment Product Engineer

  • CATIA PLM Express enables engineers to easily define equipment such as piping, tubing or the electrical control and power systems of the product.
  • It provides a process-oriented solution for designing physical wire harnesses driven by logical specification and is integrated with harness manufacturing.
  • By delivering a realistic simulation for 3D wire harness packaging in an integrated environment, this powerful solution reduces design time and increases the overall quality of large-scale electrical systems.

Styled Product Engineer

  • CATIA PLM Express enabling designers to work concurrently on style and engineering, or perform simulation of the product’s appearance for quick style validation.
  • It also makes it possible to quickly capture physical prototype shapes, making the 3D virtual model the design reference.
  • Having an integrated styling process as part of the development and manufacturing process enables companies to quickly launch new ideas in the marketplace.

Review & Optimize Engineer

  • CATIA PLM Express offers a broad portfolio of capabilities, fully integrated within the design environment, to optimize the product packaging, strength, or ergonomics.
  • Its powerful finite element modeling and analysis solutions cover a wide range of analysis processes, while its knowledge-based architecture facilitates product optimization.
  • With CATIA PLM Express, engineers are connected to make quick and efficient decisions with advanced collaborative reviews directly in the 3D design environment.

Mechanical Product Engineer

  • CATIA PLM Express fosters the design of fabricated, molded, casting, forged, machined or even composites parts by delivering first-class and robust tools with strong and productive modeling features.
  • The unique and powerful spec-driven modeling approach for the creation of any type of mechanical shapes promotes efficient concurrent engineering between styling and mechanical shape design, while the ultra fast functional modeling fosters productivity and flexibility.

Manufacture Engineer

  • CATIA PLM Express significantly reduces overall manufacturing process time, in different manufacturing segments (prototype, mold and die, complex aerospace parts, composites parts manufacturing etc.).
  • Its machining solution is widely used today in all industries, in large and small companies handling 2.5-axis milling, 3-axis dedicated to mold tooling manufacture, 4- and 5-axis complex machining as well as lathe machining.