CATIA Bringing The Best Products To Life.

CATIA is not just design tool, it brings the best products to life by optimizing processes throughout the whole organization. It promotes visibility for every process by integrating involvement from different engineers into a single platform. Major automotive and aerospace players are using CATIA as part of their design process. Join them now.

Delivering advantage by design.

From electronics to automotive and consumer packaged goods, design plays a critical part in determining a product’s success in the market. How do you deliver aesthetically pleasing and functionally superior products? CATIA covers all product shape design needs from industrial design to Class A, providing the designer with the tools to produce any kind of complex shapes.

Optimizing end to end design to manufacturing process.

Products continue to increase in complexity. Performance and quality targets become more demanding. It has become vital to gain early insight into the quality and performance key factors of a product.  CATIA provides this, enabling rapid development of high-quality mechanical products.

Systems engineering.

How do you manage multiple modeling and simulation applications and deliver your products on time? Dassault Systèmes delivers a unique solution that fully enables and supports the cross-discipline systems engineering development process from modeling to simulation, verification and management.

Managing product complexity.

From aircraft to cars, boats, and white goods, the number and length of wires and electrical cables are continuously increasing. How do you manage this complexity while delivering your products on time? Dassault Systèmes’ solution for Electrical Wire Harness Design & Drawing enables collaborative design of electrical systems in context of a virtual product.

Things Our Customers Say


“We thought it was impossible to create a table to place collimator box prior implementing CATIA. It makes things so much more simpler.”

Shalina, Malaysia Institute of Nuclear Technology

“CATIA has dramatically solved our concern on data exchange, privacy and security.”

Ackson Tan, Nakagawa Rubber