Surface Control

Defect Controls.

Appearance is one of the most important selling factors in the consumer and high tech industries. With bad appearance the product values will be decreased and customer will ask for discount for the decreased value. This can be avoided with OLIGO surface defect control lamps.

High Lux.

Lux describes how much lumen (light intensity) per m² will be archived. In general it says how bright an area will be enlightened. Usually for inspection areas there will be around 1000 to 2000 lux. With our technology it is possible, that more than 3000 lux can be archived depending on the configuration of the light system. The higher the lux, the smaller defects can be found.

Low Glare.

To find defects it is also important, that the worker has low glare. Usually normal inspection places will have fluorescent tubes installed. Once the worker looks into the tube for a while, the eyes will get painful and watery. This will affect the workers inspection job. The reason is high glare. OLIGO surface controls will use special designed prism lens optic to reduce the glare and lower the worker eye fatigue.