Surface Appearance

Besides our wide range of measurement solution, surface control with our innovative lighting technology completes our full range of inspection solutions. Our lighting technology can be used as a portable unit, in-line and at an audit place. Surface appearance becomes highly important for high quality products. As an audit place it is also possible to do colour matching between different parts from different batches under seamless adjustable light conditions.

Recommended Solution

Surface Control

Appearance is one of the most important selling factors in the consumer and high tech industries. With bad appearance the product values will be decreased and customer will ask for discount for the decreased value. This can be avoided with OLIGO surface defect control lamps.

Color Matching

Colors are very important for our life and will affect our emotional status. People love fresh and lively colors instead of pale once. Under different light conditions, colors will look differently. The best color appearance will always be under sunlight, because there will be the full spectrum of light, as well as the right brightness.