High Speed Scanning & High Accuracy.

The Mephisto scanner software capable to performs each scan at a speed of 0.24 sec. With the unmatched scanning speed provided by Mephisto, it allows user to quickly scanning difficult objects and textures at high precision by using structured light scanning. Thanks to it “SteadyScan” module, it compensates small motions, such as heartbeat and breathing and will guarantee a high quality of the 3D data.

Mephisto - Portable 3D White Light Scanner.

Trigonometric Triangulation.

Structured light scanners/White Light Scanners also use trigonometric triangulation, but instead of looking at laser light, these systems project a series of linear patterns onto an object.

Comparing Edges VS Object Surface.

Then, by examining the edges of each line in the pattern, they calculate the distance from the scanner to the object’s surface. Essentially, instead of the camera seeing a laser line, it sees the edge of the projected pattern, and calculates the distance similarly.