In-line Measurement

For in-line measurements it is possible to use our portable units as well. Nevertheless it is possible to use optimised hardware and software applications for high speed measurements. The focus for our high speed solution is the controlling of the process stability. It is possible to check 100% of the parts during production. Our software solutions enables the customer not only to measure, it is even possible to evaluate the results based on statistical functions.

Recommended Solution


The traditional measuring features like gap, flush, holes, chamfer and angles is done by specialized mechanical tools. The biggest drawback to these specialized contact devices is storage and maintenance cost. Find out below on how GapGun helps you in tackling measurement challenges.


Robots were originally used for typical pick and place operations. Later robots improved to production operations like spot welding. Those task still limiting the robot to a few applications which are based on lower accuracy or high accurate fixtures. ISRA VISION can eliminate these limitations by giving the robots eyes to see what the robot is doing.