GapGun Pro


The GapGun Pro provides unrivalled levels of performance and profile measurement capabilities.

GapGun Pro - Technical Specification

Accuracy GapGun Pro systems meet Cg, Cgk, 6-Sigma and VDA5 standards for their intended applications
Repeatability Proven to <15% QS9000-MSA for a wide variety of measurement sections
Output format Customisable, including millimetres, inches and thousandths of an inch
Surfaces Measures all known automotive paints, carbon fibre, unpolished and galvanised metals including steel and aluminium, plastics and soft furnishings. Glass and mirrored surfaces can also be measured.
Operating principle Laser triangulation with Resolution Enhancement Technology (RET).
Virtual ToolkitTM Extensive toolkit that allows measurement of virtually any gap, flush, radius, scratch, chamfer, fastener, seal or profile. Add-on packs for specialised aerospace and automotive applications are available.
SPC Use the GapGun Pro’s built in SPC or link directly to your existing SPC software.
Data input CAD data from file. Checkplans from MS Excel.
Results output Freely customisable, including DMIS, QDAS, MS Excel, plain text, CSV, point cloud, MeasurLink, CM4d, SPC3d.
User interface Simple creation of menus and graphics for GapGun Pro LCD.
Language English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc.
Integration Optional developers’ SDK allows integration with third party software.
Weight 150g (5oz)
Dimensions 65 x 105 x 60mm (2.6 x 4.1 x 2.4”) W x D x H
Laser Class 2M with automatic laser intensity adjustment.
Standoff 20mm (0.9”) from front of head for Super High Resolution head. 50mm (2”) from front of measurement head for all other head types.
Weight 480g (17oz)
Dimensions 90 x 135 x 190 mm (3.5 x 5.3 x 7.5”) W x D x H
Storage 2GB + 2GB internal MicroSD card.
Screen 97mm (3.8”) Daylight readable, full colour, high resolution LCD touchscreen 640 × 480 pixel.
Input devices Click and drag touchscreen, trigger and power/reset button.
User feedback Dual audio output and vibrator for high noise environments.
Sensor rotation Measurement sensor can be angled through +/-90 degrees, maximising accessibility and comfort.
Sensor Interface Rotating quick release VChange interface.
Environment IP50
Operation 0-40°C (32 -104°F) onboard temperature sensing.
Storage –20 - 60°C (14 -104°F)
Connectivity Connect directly to MS Windows™ networks via 100MBPS Fast Ethernet or 802.11 wireless LAN provided as standard, with optional radio link. Data download and interchange also available using USB.
Shock protection Shock protecting cover on sensor and body, high impact plastic housing and internal shock sensor./td>
Included accessories Wrist loop, belt clip, calibration check artefact, training artefact, standoff sets, clip on battery pack and battery charger.

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Featured Highlights

VChange sensors

GapGun Pro includes Third Dimension’s ergonomic VChange sensor interface, which allows the sensor to remove, swap and reattach sensors, in just seconds, making multiple sensor use on the shop floor easier than ever before.

Docking station

Ideal for docking and downloading data from the GapGun when creating checkplans or analysing data whilst using SPC, it also provides simple and convenient charging capabilities.