Engineering Solution


Our portable devices are used for gap and flush measurement, profile scanning and coordinate measurements. With this entrance level of our inspection technologies our customer are highly flexible in their inspection process. Especially for random quality activities the relatively low investment and low storage area are a huge advantage. The inspection principle for these tools is based on optical laser principle or white light technology.

Recommended Solution


The traditional measuring features like gap, flush, holes, chamfer and angles is done by specialized mechanical tools. The biggest drawback to these specialized contact devices is storage and maintenance cost. Find out below on how GapGun helps you in tackling measurement challenges.


In high quality production, CMM is the most used inspection device to confirm the accuracy of the part or assembly. But what if the part is too large or to heavy for your CMM? Would it not be easier to bring the CMM to the part or assembly? Introducing Metronor – a portable CMM probing device that uses laser LED & camera.


KREOM ACE ARM is a portable 7 degree of freedom (DOF) coordinate measurement machine. When combined with KREON’s scanner, it becomes KREON ACE ARM + SCANNER. It allows user to quickly inspect and reverse engineer complex and organic shapes by using laser scanning.


Mephisto is a portable 3D white light scanner. The Mephisto scanner software capable to performs each scan at a speed of 0.24 sec. With the unmatched scanning speed provided by Mephisto, it allows user to quickly scanning difficult objects and textures at high precision by using structured light scanning.