• TYAZHMASH increases production by 80% with CATIA and 3DVIA

    8 October 2012

    To maintain its lead in the heavy machinery market, Russia’s JSC ‘TYAZHMASH’ had to shorten product development cycle times. They chose CATIA PLM Express to support all engineering work and 3DVIA Composer to create all its technical documentation, helping the company create technical documentation in half the time.

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  • Success Story with CATIA

    1 October 2012

    In order to maintain its leadership position in Argentina’s automotive and consumer air-conditioning market, Mirgor needed to develop innovative products in line with evolving customer requirements and specifications. Upgrading to CATIA PLM Express has increased design department efficiency, improved product quality, and strengthened the company’s leadership role.

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  • Honda Leverages Simulation to Meet Changing Market Needs

    9 July 2012

    The automobile market is in a period of great change, with factors like environmental conservation and rapid market growth in developing countries now coming into play. Model-based development (MBD) is advocated as a development process that can support these changes. The previous leader of engine development for the Honda F1 Team, Kazuo Sakurahara, is currently involved in the creation of a new development process for mass-produced vehicles at the Honda R&D Co., Ltd. Automobile R&D Center. Sakurahara spoke to 3DS SIMULIA Community News to discuss how Honda uses computer-aided engineering (CAE) and the steps it has taken toward MBD.

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  • Who is flying with V6

    7 May 2012

    A week ago we have featured a picture of Superman lifting a helicopter and we have made a little poll to let you guess which company was related to this picture and to Dassault Systèmes’ news.

    Most of you have answered well, as more than 80% have found the right answer, which was Bell Helicopter. As they can’t benefit from Superman’s super speed, Bell Helicopter had to make a move to reduce the amount of time it takes to bring a new helicopter to market. In august 2011 the company has deployed the V6 PLM platform to 5,000 users, becoming one of the largest implementation of the V6 platform in North America.

    You may have asked yourselves why we have related Superman to this news. It is not just because of him lifting a helicopter it was because one of their product was used in the first Superman movie back in 1978. Back then it was the Bell JetRanger Helicopter that was used to be Daily’s Planet aircraft.

    Source : perspectives.3ds.com

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  • Tesla Motors – Changing the automotive paradigm through advanced engineering with Version 6

    3 May 2012

    The ability of V6 to handle the complexity both in our product and our process as we move forward is very important. Its ability to unify multiple organizations under one banner and bring them all together within a common solution will help us immeasurably going forward.

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