Key Takeaways from “Learning In the Age of Experience”

23 April 2015

To prepare our young generations for the 21st century job market and to access the best and largest employment opportunities, the learning methodology and scope is constantly being improved. The 21st century professionals of now and tomorrow have the privilege to leverage on advanced technology to encourage creation of new ideas and product design innovations without limits. Academia has the same challenges as industry to innovate cleaner and safer products by taking into account the environment.

In today’s world where information flow is abundant, having concurrent access to product information has allowed the designer and customer to share ideas and take part in the product innovation. In respond to this new trend of concurrent engineering with information co-creation, DS has introduced PLM V6 Academia. This seminar aims to provide the academic world with the view of learning opportunities for all ages in the latest 3D and PLM technology.

“LEARNING in the AGE of EXPERIENCE” has brought together highly passionate Academic Enthusiasts to explore on the possibilities for DASSAULT SYSTEMES V6 PLM ACADEMIA platform.

PLM V6 Academia has extended the traditional Engineering Process from Design Idea to Manufacturing to online environment that allows people to work together to share, visualize and experience products in real-time through the universal language of 3D. Academia and Industry can connect PEOPLE, DATA, SOLUTIONS, and IDEAS from within and outside the campus in a single visible and intuitive environment, creating a comprehensive life-like collaborative experience platform.

Topic Summaries:

#1 Transformation of the Learning Experience

Mr. Thierry Collet, Vice President of Global Education & Academia at DASSAULT SYSTEMES travel all the way from France gave an inspiring speech of the challenges of education today. Education has changed in the way that problem solving will become to most important factor for students to enter the industry. Due to demographic change more and more experience engineers will leave the industries and have to be replaced with new engineers.

Mr. Thierry shared some successful collaborations between different universities in different countries by using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. He also emphasized how powerful problem based learning can be if given the right platform, there is no boundary of learning among the learners and researchers.

This single platform that allows design, collaboration, analysis and virtual physical models to be built on is the world’s largest cloud-based collaboration, has 100 students from 12 universities and 9 countries, working together every year.

Major projects and activities have already been done in past and will continue in the future.

#2 Systems Engineering and our Current Learning Method

Mr. Martin Mueller, Lead Engineer at MAWEA INDUSTRIES started by asking the crowd to think – How Will Our World Change in 25 years?

He did a brief introduction explaining how learning is more effective by DOING things rather than just listen and read. Together, we explored further on how SYSTEM ENGINEERING can help to create a multidisciplinary curriculum. During the live demonstration three different types of system was showed:

  1. Simple Spring-Mass-System which can be built within minutes
  2. The Coriolis Wheel to show CATIA V6 can be used in physics and science
  3. A complex robot system using ARDUINO UNO to connect the 3D virtual robot to the real robot model, which is full mechanical, electrical and logical designed in CATIA V6

Download Martin’s Slides here.

#3 Professional Certifications – How to Benefit from it

Dassault Systèmes’ certification is a standard worldwide measure users’ technical knowledge of 3DS products. 3DS certification provides standard preparation training courses and practical exercises. It is an excellent worldwide measure of skill and knowledge competency for the student in all of us.

Benefits from getting the certifications:

  • Gain new career and leadership opportunities with validated operational skills and expertise against industry standards
  • Earn recognition in a growing worldwide community base of PLM professionals

Download Certification Information here.

Overall feedback from the seminar had been very positive with kind comments:

Innovative and interesting it can be used in my lecture/research – Mr Daing Mohamad Nafiz Bin Daing Idris

User Friendly and powerful software in terms of design, sharing, collaboration until design validation – Dr Mohd Amran Bin Md Ali

Talk to us now If you would like to be part of the new learning experience and bring innovation to the next level.

Photos from the event can be viewed HERE.