• Adopting Lean Six Sigma in Digital Manufacturing with Operations Intelligence on 24-April-2014

    14 April 2014

    Delmia OI

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    GREETING from MAWEA Industries!
    We would like to invite you to our e-Manufacturing seminar with the title “Adopting Lean Six Sigma in Digital Manufacturing with Operations intelligence”.

    Our experience speakers shall present to you the theory and practical aspects of Lean and Six Sigma adopting in digital manufacturing environment and highlight on the DEMLIA’s Operations Intelligence.

    DELMIA Operations is a suite of proven & scalable execution and production intelligence solutions that enable manufacturing communities to optimize their shop floor processes and product quality.

    The Operations Intelligence products leverage real life manufacturing data by identifying the patterns of what works, what doesn’t and generate rules from those patterns.

    These patented products provide product and process insight that even the most advanced design of experiment and statistical tools have failed to uncover.

    The DELMIA Operations domains help achieving the following:

    • Procedural enforcement for compliancy with the manufacturing standards and lean processes on the shop floor
    • Achieve lean processes on shop floor and reduce or even eliminate non-value added rework and inspection points
    • Help the production managers to quickly discover and react to production bottlenecks
    • Identify the best practices on the shop floor and eliminate scrap and poor quality products by discovering the right “Rules” to produce them

    We wish to extend this invitation to your colleagues and the other key persons-in-charge from the revenant fields (Manufacturing, Production, and Quality Control) as this solution is geared towards manufacturing engineering, production, production support, quality and six sigma and management roles.

    Thank you and we look forward to receiving your and hope to see you in the seminar!

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  • Ticket to Aerospace Industry on 23-April-2014

    14 April 2014



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  • Customize paper size in CATIA 2D drawing

    11 April 2014


    To implement new standard for CATIA V5 2D drawing sheet format, administration mode environment (admin mode) in CATIA V5 is required. The new standard is then store in the specific location in xml format. The customized 2D drawing paper size name will appear in the table command for selection during the New Drawing creation.

    Let’s go through the method together for the customization.


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