Unfold Surface in CATIA V5

7 March 2014


For manufacturing process, some design parts need to be flatten to estimate the raw material needed and create the profile for cutting. This can be achieved by unfold surface in CATIA V5. Please go through the steps below for the unfold details.

Remarks: only available for CAC+MCE+HDX or any DL1 license holder

1. Go to insert — Developed Shape — Unfold



2. Select Surface to unfold. Under Position tab, select the Reference and Target inputs as below:

  • Reference: origin and direction
  • Target: plane, origin and direction
  • Swap, reverse the Uf and Vf direction if necessary

Remarks: reference origin must on the surface to unfold




3. Click on Preview. Error message pop out as below.


Press Yes and the surface type will switch from Ruled to All type.


(i) Ruled (by default): to unfold a ruled surface only. It computes an exact unfold of the input surface. The area and lengths of the surface are kept in the final result.

(ii) All (in our scenario): to unfold any surface. It computes an approximation of the flattened surface. The area and lengths of the input surface may differ from the area and lengths of the unfolded elements.



4. Click on Display distortions to display the maximum and minimum percentages of length distortion.

Positive value: stretch

Negative value: shrunk



5. Click OK to finish the unfold process.