Insert Shortcut Key for CATIA V5 Quick View

17 February 2014

Do you ever know CATIA V5 can insert accelerator for Quick View (Front, Back, Right, Left, Top, Bottom, Isometric) which similar to other CAD software? CATIA V5 require manual configuration for the first time to implement quick view shortcut key in different design workbench. Click on read the rest of this entry for details steps.

1. Go to Tools — Customize.


2. Access to Toolbars tab, create a NEW toolbar. Insert a new Name, example: View Shortcut


3. Access to Commands tab, go to View, drag and drop the view command into the View Shortcut toolbar.


4. Click on Show Properties, key in your Accelerator for the command. Example: Alt+1 for Isometric view



5. Repeat the same method for the rest of the quick view command. Click on the Close button after finish configuring the command.


6. Now you can change the View accordingly using the Shortcut/Accelerator key.

Isometric View


Side/Front View


Top View