Create a simple Nonlinear Axis spring model

3 January 2014


Most of the spring is created by linear axis. But can you create nonlinear axis spring in CATIA V5? Find out how to do it Here!


1. You may use curve from either sketch or Spline.


2. Create another sketch at the same plane as the curve.

Example: select the XY Plane. Create the Circle as shown.


3. Create an Extrude by using the curve as profile. Make sure the direction is normal to the sketch profile.


4. Create a Sweep Surface. Choose With Reference Surface.

Profile : Circle Sketch

Guide Curve : Previous Non Linear curve

Surface : Previous Extrude


5. Select the Law button beside the Angle tab.


6. Select the Linear for the Law type.

Enter 0deg for start value.

Enter 9200deg for End value.


7. Click OK for the sweep. Hide the Extrude surface. The result is the Spring profile with a Non Linear Axis.


Remarks: only available for HD2, CAC+MCE+HDX, or any GSD license holder