Create Curve with Equations

2 August 2013

Do you know there is a way to insert own mathematics equation in Catia V5? The method can be implemented with the law integration in Catia V5. To know the detail steps of equation inserting in Catia V5, please click on the link below:

Equation: Y=A*exp (-x*D)*sin (cycle*PI*X*1 rad) + Distance

A, Amplitude: 20

D, Damping : 4

Cycle: 20

Distance : 30


1. Insert parameters in the Catia using formula.

2. Click OK after that. Repeat the same steps for the rest of the parameters: Damping, Cycle and Distance.

3. Insert the equation using Law Editor.

4. Insert the information as below:

5. Type in the equation in the left side path. Specific math function can be obtain under the Dictionary, Members of Parameters and Members of All. (i.e: exponential, sin, PI)

6. Go to generative shape design workbench, insert a line. (Y=0, Y=100)

7. Use parallel curve, insert the law created previously under advanced tab.