Catia file downgrading

8 August 2012

Do you ever know that the Catia file (CATPart) which saved in higher release can be downgraded to lower release? There are inputs to make this work in the Catia downward compatibility. Lets go through the methods as show below:

1. Go to start — all programs — Catia — tools — batch management V5R19  (Ex: file Release 19 downgrading)



2. Double click on the downward compatibility.




3. Select convert, and the Catia release. Example: V5R18 to be achieved during the downgrading.




4. Click on the file selection, select member to insert the file which needs to be downgraded.




5. Click on the input directory and target directory, then click on change and select the location for the output to be saved. (example: desktop)




6. Select ok, and then click on Run to perform downgrading. Command prompt will pop out and close after the downgrading is done. The final file will save at the location that set previously. (example: desktop)