Create new toolbar and new icon in CATIA

Do you know that you could customize your own user toolbar and icon. If you would like to know more please join our PLM Community and find out.

  1. Go to Tools — Customize.


2. Go to tab Toolbars, select standard then click on New.


3. Rename the Toolbar Name. For example: Macro Generation.



4. Then the new toolbar will pop out in the Catia environment. Click ok to proceed.



5. Go to Tools — Customize again to create new icon. Select tab named Commands, click on All Commands.



6. Select the necessary command in the list, example: Macros. Then click on Show Properties.



7. Select Icon, choose the icon from the Icons Browser. After select the icon, click close.



8. Drag and drop the icon to the new toolbar that created previously.


9. Click on the new icon to perform macro generation.