To insert new engineering symbol in Catia drafting

23 May 2012

Do you know that we may insert any customize symbol in CATIA Drafting? Some times, we may need to use a specific symbol which is not included in default symbol library. In fact, we can create any symbol in CATIA drafting by using Administration Mode. (To apply Administration Mode, please refer CATIA Administration Mode Customization). In Administration Mode, you may generate the new symbol with following the steps:

1. Go to Tools — Standards. Select category as drafting, file type for example ISO.xml.

Expand the ISO tree, select Engineering Symbols.


2. Click on New to insert new symbol.


3. Rename the term of the new symbol, select type of font in the second tab and code number for the symbol that need to be inserted. (For example: Symbol name Alpha, font type Times New Roman, code number alpha 03b1)


4. Then click on Save As New to save the new standard. For example: Customize symbol .xml


5. When open a new drawing, select Customize symbol for the standard.


6. In the text editor, the new symbol Alpha is shown using the insert symbol icon. Select the symbol to insert in the drafting text.