How to create TEXT in 3D

25 May 2012

Would you like to know how to create text in 3D , check out this tip&tricks…..


  1. Open a Drawing file.
  2. Create the Text with the desired font type and font size. Example here we choose Times New Roman for the font type and size of 20mm and 13mm.


3.  Save the drawing file as .DXF file.



4.  Open the DXF file.

5.   Select the whole Text using the Trap Selection.

6.    Right click and choose Copy.


5. Go to the Part file where you wish to create the text.

6. Select the Sketch icon and select the face where you want to place the Text. New sketch will be created.

7. Right click and choose Paste.


10. The text will be pasted.


11. You may use the text for both Emboss and Engrave purposes.