Machine Process Logic Definition

17 April 2012

The machine is the only element class that is capable of having multiple processes because there can be several potential processes to choose from. The Process Logic popup provides the following logics for handling common process selection situations. In general, the machine process logic is responsible for requiring the desired parts, applying the cycle time, and producing the same or different parts. When you create a machine by default attribute, Quest just set First Possible Process as its machine process logic. But, do you know what is it mean? Here got the answer for all machine process logic options.

 1.   First Possible Process

Machines can have many potential processes to execute. As parts arrive at machines, the potential processes that can be executed are identified. Once all of the parts and other AGV/labor requirements are present to execute a process, the process is started. The DO_PROCESS statement with the ANY option takes care of selecting a process based on the available requirements, applying the cycle time, and producing the specified parts.

2.   Cyclic Process

This logic cycles through all of the possible processes in the order they were created.

3.   Percentage Process

This logic works in conjunction with the values entered for process percentage through the user interface. The user is presented with a Process Percentage popup that is used to describe the probability that any particular process will be executed. The SAMPLE_PROCESS routine, based on a sampled random number, chooses one of the processes based on this weighting and returns the handle of the selected process.

 4. Sequence Process

This logic works in conjunction with the file name entered through the user interface when this logic is selected. The file selected will need to contain a sequential list of processes that need to be executed. This logic reads the next line from the file, gets the process name, obtains the corresponding process handle, and calls DO_PROCESS to execute the process.