• DELMIA Automation Installation

    23 April 2012

    For the first time user, your DELMIA Automation might be installed by reseller which you buy the application from them. But how about if your workstation have to reformat due to certain reason. All the software will be lost out due to PC formatting and you need to install back the DELMIA Automation to use for your jobs. Do you know how to install it?

    Luckily, you can find the installation step here.


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  • Automatic features recognition in Catia part design

    19 April 2012

    After the paste special from the previous object, the histories or activities that used to create the 3d part are removed. The 3d data will appear as a datum solid. Datum solid means the link is broken from the previous 3d data. How to capture back the activity so that it can be edited and parameterized? Lets go through the steps to do it as below.


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  • Changing 3D view orientation in 3D environment

    18 April 2012

    When you designing in CATIA, you will realize that the default 3D view orientation of XY (top view) is shown as

    Figure 1.


    Figure 1

    You can change this view orientation to other orientation as shown in Figure 2 below.


    Figure 2

    To change the view orientation, follow the steps below.


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  • Machine Process Logic Definition

    17 April 2012

    The machine is the only element class that is capable of having multiple processes because there can be several potential processes to choose from. The Process Logic popup provides the following logics for handling common process selection situations. In general, the machine process logic is responsible for requiring the desired parts, applying the cycle time, and producing the same or different parts. When you create a machine by default attribute, Quest just set First Possible Process as its machine process logic. But, do you know what is it mean? Here got the answer for all machine process logic options.


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  • IME Group Open House

    12 April 2012

    Let’s EXPERIENCE the advancement of Rapid Model Development technologies at the IME GROUP OPEN HOUSE held on 27 and 28 April 2012.

    Book your seat today!

    Discover and experience yourself the power to design and create models in the
    rapid way. IME Group will be presenting a series of advanced rapid model
    development technologies with special highlight on the compact,
    affordable, multi-material OBJET 3D Printer.


    For more details and ONLINE Registration : http://cadcam.com.my/event/objet_openhouse_reg.php

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