Network License Configuration (server)

22 March 2012

Would you like to know how to configure the Network License for the server…..

1. Go to startall programslicense use runtimeservice manager tool.


2. Go to servicestop if the service shown in green. (If it is in red, then exit the service by selecting Service – Exit.)


3. Go to startall programslicense use runtimeconfiguration tool.



4. Go to Configure As tab, check the Network License Server (NetworkLS).



5. Go to Direct Binding tab, insert the ip address or host name of the server workstation, then click add.


6. Go to Start Up tab, check the Start services at system startup.


7. Close the window, click yes on the message pop out the save the configuration.


8. Then click OK to end up the tool configuration.


9. Go to service manager tool again, select servicestart then exit service manager tool.


10. Go to startall programslicense use runtimebasic license tool.


11. Go to productsenrollsingle product.


12. Click import, browse the license file in (C:IFORLSCONF).


13. Click ok to end up the product enrollment.


14. Then the license will appear in basic license tool.