CATIA Admin Mode Customization

23 March 2012

CATIA Admin Mode is a setting that will give the user the AUTHORITY for the user to CHANGE and CUSTOMIZE standards in CATIA. Would you like to know how to customize it……..


1. GO to Start>All Programs>CATIA>Tools>Environment Editor V5R18   (if you are using other release then choose the corresponding Environment Editor)


2. Choose CATIA.V5R18.B18 and click YES


3. Search for CATUserSettingPath, right click and choose Edit Variable.


4. Highlight the Value and right click Copy, and Cancel.


5. Search for CATReferenceSettingPath, right click and choose Edit Variable.


6. Right click and Paste in Value.


7. Repeat step 5 and step 6 for CATCollectionStandard.


8. Right click on CATIA V5R18 icon choose Properties, highlight all the words in Target and right click choose Copy.


9. Start > Run, and right click Paste.  Add    -admin after the words CNEXT.exe and click OK.


Result is as follow


“C:Program FilesDassault SystemesB18intel_acodebinCATSTART.exe”  -run “CNEXT.exe -admin” -env CATIA.V5R18.B18 -direnv “C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataDassaultSystemesCATEnv” -nowindow



10. When you are running in Administration Mode, a message as shown above will pop up after CATIA is opened. Click OK.


11. Go to Tools > Standards. Choose drafting in the Category and the Standard which you want to modify the arrow size. (in my example I choose ISO.xml)


12. Go to ISO > Dress-up > Symbols > Filled Arrow. Increase the value of the Length to desire value.


13. Click on Save As New, save the file to the following directory:

C:Program FilesDassault SystemesB18intel_aresourcesstandarddrafting


14. Go to File > Page Setup. Click Update and OK (this is to visualize how big is the arrow head after increase the value of Length)


15. After modify the size of arrow to desire size, close CATIA and run CATIA as usual. When selecting the Standard, select the Standard that create previously.