Delmia Process Engineer ( DPE ) License Installation

16 February 2012

Having problem when want to install license for Delmia Process Engineer ( DPE )? Here are the step to implement it..

1. Two things you must have before activate your license.

a. License received

b. Process Planning Suite CD (DPE)

2. Insert the Process Planning Suite CD into CD-room

3. Launch the DPE’s CD

4. Go to D (CD-room):Support

5.  Copy Flexlm folder into C:Program FilesDELMIA (DPE path directory)

6. Make a folder at C:Program FilesDELMIAFLEXlm and name it as License DPE.

7. Copy the DPE licenses into the folder.

8. Right click at each of the first license file and open with note pad.

9. Replace the highlighted area into Host name or IP address.

10. Go to Start >Run >cmd (Command Prompt) Then Enter

11. Type ‘ipconfig/all’

a. Host name and IP address will shown.

12. Make sure that the Physical Address is same as the license files (blue square)

13. Replace all the host name or IP address into the license.

14. Go to C:Program FilesDELMIAFLEXlmlmtools

15. Click on Config Services tab.

16. Type in Service Name as DPE

17. Click the ‘Browse’ on “Path to the lmgrd.exe file’

18. Go to C:Program FilesDELMIAFLEXlm

19. Then, select lmgrd which the only file name appears at the screen.

20. Click ‘Open’.

21. At the ‘Path to the license file’, type in the path if the license file.

E.g. C:Program FilesDELMIAFLEXlmLicense DPE

22. Open a new note pad and save at C:Program FilesDELMIAFLEXlm

23. And save as .log file.

24. Browse at the ‘Path to the debug log file’

25. Go to the location of DPE_log_debug.log file and ‘Open it’.

26. Click Save Service.

27. Click on Start/Stop/Reread Tab.

28. Check DPE is been highlighted.

29. Click on Stop Server and observe the below message box with Green square box. ‘Stopping Server’

30. Click on Start Server and observe the below message box Green square box ‘Server start successfully’

31. Click on Reread License File and observe the below message box Green square box. ‘Reread License File completed’.

32. Click on Server Status’s Tab.

33. Click on Perform Status Enquiry

34. Please Check at

a. Line at:” your server name ”     : license server up ( MASTER) v8.3

b. Vendor daemon status (on ” your servername” ):


35. If these all message not coming up and mention it is failure occurred.

36. Go to Server Diags Tab

37. Click on Perform Diagnostics and read the information at the message box.

38. If cannot understand, go to the DPE_log_debug.log file and open as note pad and check the problem.

39. If message in step 34 is coming up, you can now start using the DPE by double-clicking the DPE icon on the desktop and enter the DPE password to log in.

40. Enjoy your Delmia DPE..=)