Create Catia title block in drawing with link and without link

9 February 2012

How to create title block in Catia drawing with link and without link? To generate it, please refer the methods below.

Insert new detail sheet



Copy the title block in sheet background and paste in the detail sheet.



Go to sheet.1, use instantiate 2d component function to insert the
title block and align accordingly. 



Select link with detail and click anywhere to confirm the title block inserted.



Go to the detail sheet and edit the parameter or text. Example: REV 01



Observe the link changes on all drawing sheets.

If want to break the link between the drawing sheet and detail sheet, go to detail sheet, select the specific parameter (Ex: SHEET Number) and right click, select modifiable in instance.



Go to drawing sheet.2 to modify the parameter. Ex: sheet 2 / 4.



Observe there is no change on the detail sheet for the sheet parameter.