Delmia Quest D5 license Installation

29 December 2011

Having problem on Delmia Quest D5 license installation? Here we give you the step to implement the license..

1.  After installing LUM:  Follow the steps to obtain Target ID of the machine

2. Start > run > i4target

3. Start > run > cmd

4. There are two types of license file :

a)      Nodelock or Standalone type license

b )   Server type license

  • Node : Target ID=XXXXX should match the target ID of the machine
  • Note : In the server license

5 Implies no.of clients … 5 client machines can be used to run quest with this license.

  •  In the quest installation folder > ex: C:deneblicense

You will find flexlm tool

5. Start Lmtools ( double click )

6. Click on the Config Services Tab

a)       The Service Name can be anything you want to use to identify this service and license.

b)      The path to the lmgrdis likely the path to the delmia_install_dir/license/lmgrd.exe file.

c)      The path to the license file is again likely the delmia_install_dir/license/license.dat

d)     The debug log file can be anywhere the user wishes and is the one optional thing.

Once these fields are filled in, click on the save service button

7. Click on the start/stop/reread tab

8. Tab Select the service that you just created and click on the start server button. You should see a message along the    bottom saying Server Start Successful .Or you will see “Using License File …licenselicense.dat

Setup of a license client on windows for a server license

1. Your service has been successfully started on the server side.

2. Now, from the client machine you simply need to set your LM_LICENSE_FILE variable to point to the license file.

Setup of a node lock license on Windows

1. The only thing that needs to be done is to make sure that the LM_LICENSE_FILE variable is set to the location of the license.dat file for that machine. The most common location to place this file is delmia_install_dir/license/license.dat


2.  Right click on the icon Quest on your desktop & EDIT { you are editing quest.bat file} In the Line  if “%LM_LICENSE_FILE%” == “” set LM_LICENSE_FILE=Point the location to license.datSave the file