How to check the Catia file version? (Part 2)

4 February 2010

The How to check the Catia file version? (Part 1) method is suitable use to small .CATPart file.

How about large .CATPart file? Is it we need to use notepad to open the file (about 100MB)?

The answer is no because it consume a lot of time.

So we can use the second method to check the Catia file version.

1) Go to “Start -> All Programs -> CATIA -> Tools -> Batch Management V5R17” (depend on your version)


2)Selected and double click the “DownwardCompatibility”

3)In the DownwardCompatibility dialog box, under “Selected operation” choose the  “Info”


4)Under “Document Selection” click the Folder icon.

5)In File Selection dialog box, click on “Member” and select the file you want to check then click ok.


6)Then the folder you select will appear in DownwardCompatibility dialog box.

7)After that, change the under Output “Target Directory” which mean the folder you want to save the result in DownwardCompatibility dialog box.


8)Then Click on “Run”.


9)The Command Prompt will show as below.


10)You can get the result by opening the .html file that save the result.


11)Then click “OK” in the .html file

12)It will shows the results.


Enjoy using Catia…

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