• dk composites testimonial

    16 December 2009
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    dk Composites was founded in 1997 as a German-Malaysian joint venture for the construction of composite domes as part of a Malaysian construction project.

    Although its main markets are architecture (domes and claddings) and marine (sailing boats, yachts and workboats), dk Composites has delivered successful projects in other market segments, such as train (composites carbody and interior), unmanned aerial vehicles, and tools.Focused on composite manufacturing with the ability to provide complete services from concept to delivery ofturnkey projects.

    The company decided to implement CATIA to virtually design in 3D and visualize projects before they are made and fitted. CATIA has been a strategic tool for dk Composites. “CATIA for Composites offers a vast array of benefits for the construction sector.

    To discover more about their success story, you may access to this link dkComposites testimonial to download the brochure.

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  • To obtain Radius/Diameter option

    9 December 2009

    Do you know how to get radius or diameter dimensional constraint in Catia (part design)?


    Before you creating shaft and groove in part design, axis is necessary to be created to obtain the radius or diameter dimensional constraint. Sometimes most of the beginner user face problem in obtaining radius or diameter dimensioning when the dimensioning between the edges and construction line is selected not axis line. In addition, although the construction line and axis line can be the axis rotation of the shaft or groove functions, but axis line is necessary to be constructed again to get the radius or diameter option.



    In conclusion, axis of the rotation in part design must be created before implementing shaft and groove functions to obtain Radius/Diameter option in dimensional constraints. Let’s try!-) 

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  • Deactivate Default Shape

    2 December 2009

    Do you have any problem to view a very large product in Catia?

    Try this option…

    Do Not Activate Default Shape

    Do Not Activate Default Shape Option


    This option is to check for very large product without having to open it. It will load your assembly without loading the representations. Thus, you can eaasily browse your whole assembly.

    Once you apply this option, only spec tree will appear when you load the CatProduct. There is “no parking” sign beside icon on the spec tree.

    Have a try!   ^_^

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