Catia Motion??

31 July 2009

Do you know how to do the motion in Catia?

Actually we can do the motion(or simulation) in Catia by using DMU Kinematics workbench.

This DMU Kinematics allow us to do the physical simulation and calculate the clash when moving.

We can see the whole assembly moving after we determine the mechanism.

Here are the simple example to show the motion.

1.) Open your Catia V5R18 or above. (make sure that you have DMU Kinematics workbench)

Then select the Motion.CATProduct

2.) Change the workbench to DMU Kinematics


3) Expand the specification tree and double click on the Reply.1 as below

4.) Play the simulation

5) The wheel will move to direction as  shown.


You can try yourself by download this file on the link:

If you have any question you can post the comment.

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Enjoy it!!!