A good experience learning CATIA in Mawea from tarc student!

31 May 2009

Hi! My name is Tey Wee Liang from Tar College. I have taken the opportunity to learn CATIA while my semester breaks for 3 months with my friends, Tai Lee Kuen.

I was remembering the first times visited to training center, I used more than 2 hours to reach there with my friends from melati utama. No doubt we had gone. So, we called Ms. Soo for help. Haha! Finally we reached. Thanks loh…Instead if no traffic jams it only took us half an hour to reach.  

Ms Soo is very nice and friendly, she explained everything about our course detail again and she brings us to visit the CATIA training room. Thus, she also brings us to visit solid work training room which is near to CATIA office and their practical room too. Since, we so ‘hardly’ to get there! Hehe!!

Soon, it is time to training! The class is start from 9am to 5pm but my friends and I always do over time. ^^ Because our trainer, Mr. Syaiful always stay after class and allow us to ask him question. He is very nice trainer and guides us step by step.

After training, it is practical. We need to draw a car rim and safety belt cover now we have to try ourselves and use back all the things we learnt one by one.

Lastly, finish practical is examination AGAIN for a student need to go for exam every semester. It is common for us: “just piece of cake~~”, but… this exam was different compare to examination in college, because the fee is too high…haha! That is no way for us to fail. We are very nervous taking the exam; the best part is the result can be known just after the exam. I was remember when I finish answering the last question…I click next to process next step the result immediately POP UP. Man… that is excited! I wouldn’t forget that moment.

Below is my certificate…^^



Arh…one more thing must mentioned my weight is gained after the training. Haha! Must be the food that kakak prepared for us too nice. Terima Kasih!!