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How It Started

MAWEA Industries empowers businesses with tools to innovate with a holistic PLM program and a wide range of engineering solutions.

Founded by Mr. TK Teoh, MAWEA Industries grew from its root as a CNC service provider to company empowering business innovations with hardware and software solutions especially for Aerospace and Automotive industries. Today, MAWEA Industries consist of a group of experienced and passionate engineers who are capable of delivering excellent results in design and manufacturing projects.

Be the best-in-class Design & Manufacturing Solution Provider.

Provide innovative design and manufacturing solution and services to ensure our industries and educational institutions fulfil their design and manufacturing needs faster, better and in a cost effective manner.

We aim to act as a catalyst for business innovation. But how?

Instead of providing a standalone solution, we want to joint dots together, putting the potential of each solution together so that the best performance can be achieved. We can create a customized PLM solution ecosystem to manage your product lifecycles. We are confident that the comprehensive solution from Dassault Systemes will drive innovation within your business.

With a full suite PLM ecosystem – from designing to manufacturing floor, this allows constant monitoring and iterations within the company. Coupled with our professional engineering team, we can add value to your organization, making high tech accessible and simple for you to adopt.

Understanding that software alone is not enough to ensure success in a design and manufacturing business, we offer engineering solutions in terms of services as well as hardware. Reverse Engineering (RE) and Rapid Prototyping (RP) are familiar grounds for us. Quality assurance tools such as gap measurement or vision inspection, amongst others are part of our portfolio. We strongly believe that the right technology, applied at the right place and time, is the key to drive your business.

At the end of the day, we want to build your business to get things done faster, better and of course more cost effective.



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